All About 313 Agreements: From Wind Farms to Cryptomining

This webinar will discuss the specifics of these agreements and detail what superintendents and school boards should know before they enter into one. Details

Board Meetings: A Crash Course for Newly Elected Board Members

This introductory webinar will provide you with the information you need to pull off flawless meetings. Details


Insurance Checkup: Being Prepared for the Inevitable Emergency

We cover three action items you can implement right now to put your district in the best position to deal with an insurance company when such an emergency happens. Details

Legal Issues for Superintendent Searches

Learn the honest truth about hiring a new superintendent from a school attorney who does not do searches. Details


On the Front Lines: Legal Issues Confronting Superintendent Secretaries

Our webinar series is packed with information vital to the unique responsibilities of the increasingly demanding position. Details

PIA Essentials: Bids, Bidding, and Bidders

Learn when and why you can sometimes keep documents confidential to protect your bargaining position, and what you’ll need to do when the bitter bidder requests any and all documents relating to the better bids. Details


PIA Essentials: Election Documents

Your ballot applications, campaign finance reports, voter records and other election documents have loads of confidential information, and during this webcast you’ll learn about the PIA and Election Code requirements you need to know when dealing with requests for those documents. Details

PIA Essentials: Third-Party Privacy & Notifications

Learn how and when you need to notify third parties, why you might want to keep their information confidential, and how to navigate a PIA request involving confidential third-party information. Details


School Board Elections Review

This webinar will review important steps and deadlines in a trustee election. Details

The Trustee Tool-Kit: Construction 101

The session provides both new and experienced Trustees with essential knowledge regarding school construction procurement. Details