Construction and Real Estate

  • Construction procurement
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Administration
  • Construct and design defects
  • Real estate and leasing

In construction, experience matters. Our cadre of experienced school construction attorneys are there to help you every step of the way. We will help you get the contracts right and help you in constructing the best possible procurement scenario for your school district. It’s better for your school district when you design the ballfield upon which the game will be played. Efficiency can only be achieved through experience and attention to detail. We give you both. This helps you to save money and increase competition. The result is that your district will put the money where it needs to be – in the schoolhouse.

Our attorneys are ready whenever you need them to assist in acquisition, sale, and lease (landlord and tenant) of real and personal property; negotiating, drafting, and terminating commercial contracts where the district is a party; construction manager-at-risk and design-build contracts; governmental licenses and easements, energy consultation contracts, oil and gas leases; mold and asbestos remediation; competitive bidding; payment and performance bonds; general and supplementary conditions of construction and architect contracts; district boundary and annexation matters; and public facilities corporations.

We know that when it comes to construction we have clients that are brand new to it and clients that are experienced. Whatever the experience level of your district’s procurement team we are there to improve your odds by giving you essential knowledge that can give you an advantage right when you need it. We don’t just want to give you a fish. We want to teach you how to fish and that is why our training offerings in the area of construction and procurement are second to none in the state.

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