2023-24 Contract Package UPDATE ONLY

We have reviewed new legislation, case law, and other regulatory actions and determined that there will be no changes to our Contract Package for the 2024-25 school year.

Districts may only order this UPDATE if they have our 2019-20 Contract Package version or newer.

EWHPM’s Contract Package for 2023-2024 includes language to address proposed bills being considered by the 88th Legislature related to requiring teachers to prepare lesson plans. The package also provides options for districts to choose between offering traditional 10-month contracts to teachers or offering contracts that address the issue of teachers being asked to work slightly beyond 10 calendar months due to unforeseen circumstances or calendar choices. In addition to these updates, the new package contains the same solid contract provisions it always has, along with a publication explaining the contracting process in detail.

NOTE: If your district has never purchased this package or if your copy is older than 2019-20, you must order the full version at a cost of $350. For information on the version your district has, please contact (800) 488-9045 or information@edlaw.com.

Available Formats: MS Word Document
Download Info: This item is available for download in .zip format.