Title IX Rules and Regulations

Title IX Rules and Regulations


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These sessions address the May 2020 Title IX regulations, which require specialized training for Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-Makers, and others involved in the Title IX grievance process:

  1. The Title IX Coordinatorbecomes an overseer of the process. This session trains the Title IX coordinator in: understanding the overall process and how to coordinate the multiple new functions, determining appropriate ranges for support and remedies and disciplinary sanctions; how to provide sufficient and proper notice under the new guidelines; understanding the role of voluntary resolution; carrying out remedies pursuant to written decisions.
  2. Investigatorsmust be trained in: impartial investigations; when to dismiss a complaint; the standards of evidence; how to equitably and meaningfully include the complainant and respondent in the process including inculpatory and exculpatory evidence; how to write a decision; the role of expert witnesses; legal privileges; the role of advisors; statutory timelines; handling a hearing; writing your recommendation.
  3. Decision-makersmust be trained in: objectivity and independent analysis; impartiality and how to decide what evidence is relevant; weighing evidence based upon different standards of evidence; drafting written decisions consistent with statutory mandates; determining appropriate disciplinary standards and providing appeal rights.
  4. Facilitators(optional) must be trained in: Independent and unbiased facilitating the process for voluntary resolution; best practice methods for reaching compromise and voluntary resolution.
  5. Advisors (optional) are individuals who can assist a student in the investigation and grievance processes. This may be an adult of the student’s (parents’) choosing, including a parent or attorney. While a school district may establish restrictions regarding the extent to which an advisor may participate, a student may be accompanied by an advisor during any meeting or proceeding in the investigation or grievance process.

Webinar Sessions:

  • Overview and Forms
  • Investigators and Decision-Makers
  • Facilitators
  • Advisors