School Construction Basics E-book

School Construction Basics E-book


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2023 Edition – District License

Construction procurement is the foundation of a successful construction project. Recent changes to Texas law and to Texas Commissioner of Education’s facilities construction standards have made construction procurement rules even more complicated. However, with the help of this interactive publication and your legal counsel, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Do you need to know the steps for hiring a design-build firm, a construction manager at risk, or a general contractor? How about an architect or a construction manager-agent? We provide checklists along with some deeper insights into the requirements so that this manual will be useful to your procurement professionals and to the administrators who just need to know the basics.

In our iBooks version, you will also be able to highlight it, make notes in the publication, make flashcards, and even take interactive quizzes to confirm your knowledge. This searchable manual also includes a glossary and linked references to the text of key statutes and regulations.

Construction Basics provides a great guide for the do-it-all Superintendent and for purchasing professionals in need of more technical assistance. Finally, Construction Basics can be used as a tool to make your purchasing department stronger. You will find that its interactive features will be of great use in onboarding new purchasing staff.

We are very proud of this manual and believe it will provide you with the kind of support you need to start your construction projects on a solid foundation.

Note: You are purchasing a district-wide license and will receive both a PDF and iBooks version of the manual.

Available Formats: PDF and iBooks
Download Info: Zipped file containing both PDF and iBooks formats