Custody Chart – General Education

Custody Chart – General Education


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Often times school personnel are placed in the middle of disagreements between divorced parents about their child’s education. Other times, children live with relatives or other non-parent adults who claim to “have custody” or be the “guardian.” We have translated the complicated Texas Family Code into a laminated easy-to-use chart to assist administrators and teachers in determining who has the right to make decisions regarding a child’s education. For example, you will be able to determine if a divorced parent, stepparent, or other family member is entitled to:

  • Enroll or withdraw a student from school
  • Request that the student be tested for special education services
  • Give permission for field trips
  • Attend school meetings
  • Receive official school notices
  • Have access to educational records
  • Consult with school officials
  • Assert the parental rights enumerated in Chapter 26 of the Tex. Educ. Code
  • Prohibit other parents, stepparents, or family members from being involved in a child’s education
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