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Training & Seminars

As a testimony to our firm's dedication to bringing quality legal training to our clients in the most efficient way possible, Eichelbaum Wardell also offers our training sessions via video conference and webinar sessions.

Whether you choose from our list or ask us to design a new program just for you, we guarantee your satisfaction.

For more information or to schedule a training, call our toll free number 800-488-9045, or send an e-mail to our client relations team from our Contact form.

Legal Issues for Cheerleader and Drill Team Sponsors
This information packed session will provide practical advice for handling situations often encountered by cheerleader and drill team sponsors.
Seminar on School Finance and Legal Issues
This conference offers valuable legislative updates from presenters who are in the trenches working for the children of Texas, and practical advice that allows you to hit the ground running.
Title IX Administrator Conference
A Title IX Conference specifically designed for K-12 administrators
Advanced Construction for Administrators
This training is for people who want to learn how to handle construction projects with confidence.
Construction Boot Camp
If you are in the midst of a construction project or just about to begin one, this session is essential. This full day training will cover Construction Basics and Construction Documentation.
Construction Boot Camp for New Construction Administrators
Focusing on the successful, efficient, & legal procurement of construction services for your district
Construction Boot Camp II
Learn what your architect can and should do for you. Also learn about the real role of the contractor and construction manager.
Construction Team Training: The Critical Construction Contract Terms You Need To Know
provide construction teams with information needed in order to improve overall chances for construction success
Getting What You Paid For: A Guide to Fixing Construction Problems and Enforcing Warranties
how to preserve your district's rights to recover from a contractor or architect
School Construction Basics
Build a foundation for your construction project beginning with the board's initial decision to procure construction through the signing of the construction contracts.
What to Expect From Your Architect
This training will teach you the traditional role of the Architect and delineate where their responsibility ends and that of the Contractor or Construction Manager begins.
What to Expect From Your Contractor
This training will teach you what to expect from your contractor during the construction process and what to expect from your construction managers prior to the construction phase.
Especially for Educators
Aspirin for Your Copyright Headaches
Comprehensive workshop on copyright issues for educators
Booster & Activity Clubs - Everything You Always Wanted to Know
Information for both educators and parent volunteers
Copyright for School Librarians
District and Individual Liability
Legal Update
Update on legal issues affecting schools.
Lunch with a Lawyer (Video Conference)
Administrators have the floor to ask questions of an attorney
Principals' Academy of Legal Issues
Important legal tools and skills for administrators
School Law 101 for Teachers
School law basics for teachers
Social Media and Schools
How social media has an affect on your students, staff, district and community.
First Amendment Issues - Speech, Dress, Prayer and Other Issues
How to be an Effective Board Member
A practical guide and team approach that explains the roles, responsibilities, and authority of the superintendent and trustees.
Team of Eight
One stop for all your Team of Eight needs
Texas Open Meetings Act
TOMA training approved by the Attorney General
Texas Public Information Act
TPIA training approved by the Attorney General
Defensive Hiring
Documenting Employee Performance
The essential workshop for administrator documentation skill building
Fair Labor Standards Act Basics
Hearing Officer Training
How to Conduct an Investigation
Provide your administrators with the means to hold effective investigations
How to Handle an Employee Grievance
Preventing Harassment - Staff Training
Preventing Harassment - Train the Trainers
Special Education
Games People Play at ARDs
Legal Issues Affecting School Health
Legal Issues Involving Educating Students with Autism & PDD
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
Special Education Discipline: Manifestation Determinations
Student Issues
Find out ways to prevent some of the most intense harassment on your campuses.
Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Developing a Student Code of Conduct and Handbook
Legal Issues in the Fine Arts
A workshop that encompasses the legalities of a school's most popular activities
Search and Seizure
Student Records: Fun with FERPA
Board Meetings: A Crash Course for Newly Elected Board Members
This introductory webinar will provide you with the information you need to pull off flawless board meetings.
Construction Essentials Webinar Workshops
Four webinar sessions provide a perfect foundation to start a district's construction project. Attend one, two or all!
The Essential Toolkit for Handling School Employee Illnesses, Injuries, and Leaves
Four-part webinar series to help your district implement policies and programs related to employee illnesses, injuries, and leaves.