Eichelbaum Wardell Client Alerts and Articles

July 2, 2020 Client Alert
Governor Issues Mask Order; Reduces Gatherings from 100 to 10

June 15, 2020 Board Minutes
Corona Concerns

Planning for SPED for COVID-19

May 6, 2020 School Law Switchboard
Pomp and Circumstance and Other Music at Graduation

COVID and FERPA - An Uneasy Relationship

Net‐ucation: The Do’s and Don’ts of School via Zoom

April 28, 2020 Client Alert
New I-9 Form and Modified Verification

April 23, 2020 Client Alert
Finally, Some Clarification on Public Comment

April 15, 2020 School Law Switchboard 
Privacy and Recordkeeping

March 30, 2020 Client Alert
TPIA Deadlines - Responding to Requests During the COVID-19 Epidemic

March 27, 2020 Client Alert
Leave Requirements Under the FFCRA

March 24, 2020 Client Alert
Postponing School Board Elections in an Age of Quarantine: What Are Your Options and Obligations?

March 20, 2020 Client Alert
TEA Says Special Ed Litigation Will Continue – Make Sure Your District is Prepared

March 18, 2020 Client Alert
Covid‐19 Update on Legal Issues

February 27, 2020 Client Alert
Update on Coronavirus