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New Title IX Rules and Regulations

The Office of Civil Rights has published new regulations that take effect August 14. You will need new policies, new employee and student handbook language, and new positions! Under these new regulations:

  1. The Title IX Coordinator becomes an overseer of the process. These trainings will train the Title IX coordinator in: understanding the overall process and how to coordinate the multiple new functions, determining appropriate ranges for support and remedies and disciplinary sanctions; how to provide sufficient and proper notice under the new guidelines; understanding the role of voluntary resolution; carrying out remedies pursuant to written decisions.
  2. Investigators now have to be trained in: impartial investigations; when to dismiss a complaint; the standards of evidence; how to equitably and meaningfully include the complainant and respondent in the process including inculpatory and exculpatory evidence; how to write a decision; the role of expert witnesses; legal privileges; the role of advisors; statutory timelines; handling a hearing; writing your recommendation.
  3. Decision-makers now have to be trained in: objectivity and independent analysis; impartiality and how to decide what evidence is relevant; weighing evidence based upon different standards of evidence; drafting written decisions consistent with statutory mandates; determining appropriate disciplinary standards and providing appeal rights.
  4. Facilitators are new to the process and must be trained in: Independent and unbiased facilitating the process for voluntary resolution; best practice methods for reaching compromise and voluntary resolution.
  5. Advisors are also new to the process. An advisor is an individual who can assist a student in the investigation and grievance processes. This may be an adult of the student’s (parents’) choosing, including a parent or attorney. While a school district may establish restrictions regarding the extent to which an advisor may participate, a student may be accompanied by an advisor during any meeting or proceeding in the investigation or grievance process.

Webinar Sessions:

  • Overview and Forms
  • Investigators and Decision-Makers
  • Facilitators
  • Advisors

These sessions are presented by Dennis EichelbaumHolly WardellJennifer Powell, and Rob Eichelbaum.

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Purchasers will be provided with Forms, Policies, and Handbook language. Each participant will also receive materials from their training to use during the year and to comply with the new federal regulations that require that schools posted on their district’s website and make them available for public inspection upon request the materials used to train their personnel in Title IX.

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Eichelbaum Wardell is a certified provider of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements through the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). The firm is also a registered provider of Continuing Education credits for School Board Members through the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and business officers through the Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO).

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Although we cannot accept cancellations, substitutions may be made at any time. If you have any questions, contact us by email or by phone at 972.377.7900. If you can arrange for a group of 25 or more to get together from your district or from a group of several districts, we will come to you. Please call for more information.